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Haunted Dorm APK is a game that is based on horror by an independent team of creators. The game is based on the tale of a haunted school where the player’s task is to unravel the mysteries that lie within.

The action commences when the main character is a fresh student who is admitted to the dorm. From the very initial days, he began to be aware of terrifying supernatural manifestations and was told about the haunting of the campus by the terrorizing ghost of a dead student.

What is Haunted Dorm APK?

Players control the main character and will investigate each room and the other rooms of the hostel to uncover the facts about this spooky murder. As part of the investigations, players are required to complete puzzles, collect evidence, and hunt for clues that will help them understand the dark past of the hostel.

Haunted APK provides a frightening and tension-filled environment featuring realistic sound and graphics that bring anxiety to the user. This makes this game an intense and thrilling adventure. Haunted Dorm Tips combines a variety of puzzle, detective, and horror elements. It is an enjoyable and thrilling game that is perfect for those who love this type of.

What are the Features of Haunted Dorm Mod APK?

HauntedDormitory Environment:

That creates a hauntedDorm setting that includes abandoned rooms dark hallways, creepy rooms, as well as spooky spaces. The setting is created with details and uses lights, music, and images to create an eerie environment.

The game is a puzzle and mystery solving:

It has a variety of problems and mysteries players must solve to progress within the game. It could involve solving puzzles that break codes, combing elements in order to unlock doors, or uncovering hidden spaces. These puzzles are created to test players’ intelligence as well as their thinking skills.

Interaction with the surrounding environment:

The players can interact with the surrounding environment. This includes opening doors, lifting light bulbs, looking for crucial objects, and searching for some of the hidden areas in the hostel.

Artificial Intelligence and Monster Models:

The game may include artificial intelligence models as well as terrifying creatures. The players must avoid or face them head-on to be able to progress and survive within the game. This can create tension and anxiety for the players.

The playtime zone and the branch plot:

That offers various options for players to choose from and ways to play the game. The choices made by the player can impact the final outcome in the course of play. It creates replayability and a sense of discovery.

Virtual Reality (VR) support:

It can support virtual reality technologies, that allow users to experience an unsettling dormitory setting through interactive experiences, as well as 3D-based visualization.


It is a thrilling game. Haunted Dorm APK game is an intriguing horror-based adventure that lets the player play the character of a young student who has recently relocated to a haunted college and discovers puzzles and mysteries in an eerie setting. It features high-quality graphics, an interactive adventure, and an evolving storyline this game is a thrilling and thrilling experience for gamers.