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Most people love s action games like MLBB it is the most Fabulous game in the world. If you are a player of this game so you are well aware that some features are locked But people want to unlock all the features of the games to enhance their gaming experience and enjoy the fully featured games. So, if you think this is impossible to unlock that locked feature so you think it is wrong because it is possible now with the help of this amazing injector called Phyx Mod. It is a free app that allows you to play MLBB games on Android devices that don’t support them.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features intense combat, strategy, and teamwork. This application is perfect for multiplayer games. It is one of the most popular games in the world, plus it has an anti-ban feature that makes this application more secure and safe to use. Phyx Mod is like a precious gift for MLBB lovers because it provides amazing features likes You’ll get better graphics, more players, more items, skins, weapons, maps, and more levels. Use a powerful set of weapons to battle through your foes. Earn experience points as you gain levels and upgrade your weapons.

Each weapon has a different special attack to use against your enemies. And if you want to change an MLBB game’s interface, add new features, or change its theme, you can do it easily with its customization feature. You can explore much more by getting this application! In short with the help of this injector, you make champian of your favorite game.

What is the PhyX Mod?

Phyx Mod is one of the best Android for MLBB lovers if we say it is the most effective app so we are not wrong because it provides amazing features that combine the strategy of Tower Defense, RPG, and MOBA games into one amazing experience. It lets you compete against other players in real-time across all platforms. It will give you access to features that are normally only available to paid users.

Furthermore, it includes a lot of features like customizable hero characters, lots of weapons and armor, a complex map system, a set of unique modes, and a level system that allows you to build your character and gain experience points as you play. It’s been downloaded over 10 million times. There are no in-app purchases. To be honest it is an outstanding app for those who want to upgrade their game level and wants to kill more enemies in a unique way so what are you waiting for you should download this app and enjoy your game journey.

What are the Features of PHYX Modz ML Unlock All Skins?

New Phyx Mod APK gives you everything you could possibly want in an action-packed, online multiplayer game. It includes the best graphics available, exciting gameplay, a cool leveling system, lots of awesome heroes, and much more!

  • Unlock Battle Emotes

This allows users to communicate via text during battles. With these new emojis, you can show your team your appreciation or your frustration.

  • Aim Lock

This is a very good feature that allows the player to choose from four types of aim locks. This means players can now focus on the enemy and shoot them with more accuracy.

  • ML Skins

PHYX Mod has the most amazing ML skins that can give you a unique look. You can also customize your character’s background, armor, and uniform by adding different skins and accessories.

  • Unlock Characters

You can choose from some different characters, including knights, paladins, archers, rangers, monks, wizards, and warriors.

  • Unlock Weapons

In Phyx Mod, you will unlock new weapons for your character. Each weapon has different attacks and powers. And you can earn rewards and upgrades as you play.

  • New Maps

There are some new maps: The Great Garden, The Valley, The Forest, The Mines, and The Tower. Each map is completely different from the last, which makes it even more fun to play.

  • Auto Headshot

This APK includes an auto-headshot feature that will automatically shoot your hero straight into the heads of your opponents when they attack you.

  • Effect Respawn

The respawn effect lets you create new teams in the middle of a match. You can then switch between the two teams, and you’ll never lose a match!

  • Effect Elimination

On the effect elimination map, your opponent can’t do anything to affect you, and you can’t do anything to affect your opponent. In fact, you can use all the abilities of the game.

  • Aim Bot

This is a feature that lets you aim your attacks more accurately than ever before. So when you play a game with this mod, you’ll feel like you’re playing in an actual MOBA game.

  • Drone View

It allows you to see the map from any angle while flying your drone. So when you’re battling someone, you’ll know exactly where they are.

How to download & Install It?

Insert is the best app for MLBB lovers so you download PHYX Mod app.

  • Click the download button above to get the APK file instantly on our website Pikashowapp.
  • However, before starting the installation process, go to your android-device settings to check whether your device is allowed to install applications from unknown sources are not.
  • If yes, search for the APK file in your device’s internal storage and start the installation process.
  • We are sure that you’ll not face interruption.


In final words, we can say that the New VIP PHYX Mod MLBB Unlock All Skins recall is the best of all time because it is small in size, the main feature of this app which are amazing as it is easy to download and install. it is armed with an anti-ban feature, making it safe and secure. Further, it unlocks all the ML skins without charging a cent. Furthermore, it guarantees all working features. These are why we call it one of the best ML injectors. Therefore, we suggest all Mobile Legends Bang Bang gamers download ML skin injector recall. If you have any issues with the App then you can tell us in the comments box.