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The Picasso is an online streaming application that allows you to watch movies as well as the latest web-based series. With this app, you can enjoy various series and films using an Android smartphone. It offers a wide range of television shows, movies, and series from Hollywood and Bollywood effortlessly. The app lets you stream online films, shows, and more without spending a single cent.

With this application, you are also streaming online and downloading movies to stream offline via the app on your phone. Through this article, we’ll give you all the pertinent information about live TV and movie apps for free download. We suggest that you take a look at this article to the end to find all the information needed about this TV application.

What is Picasso App?

Picasso app is an amazing application that is specifically designed for users who reside in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They have a very busy life because of the current economic crisis that is affecting South Asia. The majority of people do not have the time to go to their homes and turn on the television to stream their favorite shows and movies. This app is a present to you as you will need to download it to your phone wherever you are. You can watch everything since the app has all the content that is required.

You can now enjoy sports events such as IPL, PSL, BPL, and T20 match series. It also has all Football, WWE, Hockey, and Local sporting events. In short, the Picasso Application Download can be described as the greatest app you could ever have. Today, we’ll tell you about the amazing and distinctive capabilities of this application so that you can download and install it without any difficulty.

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What are the Features of the Picasso App?

After you have a general overview of the application and its features, you can learn about the application’s special features. Read the entire article to understand the ins and outs of this amazing app prior to downloading it.

Watch Live IPL Battle

You can now access all IPL matches as well as live cricket using this fantastic app. The most recent update to the app is amazing and includes all matches of IPL in excellent quality video.

Get Your Favorite Movies

Find all your top films or web series, Bollywood films, and web-based movies on your phone right today. All these films are HD quality and give you an enjoyable watching experience.

Witness all News Channels

You can now access all news channels and world news on your mobile at no cost. You’ll know all about the happenings around the world.

Take advantage of All National and International Sports Events

You’ll be able to watch all sports channels on your smartphone. Stay connected to the world and receive the most up-to-date local information with Picasso App.

Download Option to Watch in Offline Mode

It is possible to download all your preferred video content if you’re traveling in a different location and don’t have internet access. All downloads of Movies will be saved to the memory of your phone, which you can play while traveling and have a fun time.

Picasso Series

Screen Cast feature of the Picasso App

This is among the most appreciated and well-rated aspects of this app since if you’re watching an IPL match and you want to share the match with your entire family, then you could make use of this feature to cast the match to an Android Smart TV.

An app that does not have advertisements

The main issue with every application is Ads. If you are using an application that displays a lot of advertisements, you’ll want to switch to another.

Multi-Language feature

You can watch all of the content in your favorite language. All the movies that are available in the application are available in different languages. You can choose the language depending on your preference.

Subtitles are available

This Subtitles feature is included in this amazing application. There are some news and sports channels that aren’t available in multiple languages.

High-Quality Video Content

The content on the app is of the highest quality, based on the internet connection. If you have an internet connection that is reliable and a high-end mobile phone, you will be able to watch the videos in 4K resolution.

Fast Playback

The speed of the content available in the app is extremely impressive due to the fact that the developers of the app use an extremely fast and powerful server. There is no delay or lag in your time watching.

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Well-Managed and Well well-categorized content

The Picasso app is well-managed and well-categorized. Each section is divided into subcategories and categories. There are various categories built into the system of Sports movies Television Shows and Web-based series, Local Channels along with religious and other channels. Each of these categories is further subdivided into subcategories such as the Sports section as well as additional divisions for Cricket, Hockey, Football, etc.

Search Bars are available for use

This app also offers an option to search using the bar which can be a huge convenience for users. You can search directly for your preferred content without having to go to an area. Use the search bar to enter your preferred movie or sporting event. You’ll receive your desired result in less than seconds.

Secure and Safe Application

Privacy is a constant issue for anyone using an application. You’ll feel very happy and content knowing that it’s the most secure and most secure app available online. It is tested by the most trusted antivirus software in the world which means your data and privacy are never compromised.

Very Lightweight Application

The size of the application is quite tiny. It is not necessary to add more space to your phone. This light application will never damage your phone and you will not have any heat issues or harm to your phone.

Free to download and install

When compared to other apps within this category If you’re satisfied learn that Picasso Apk Download is a totally free app. It doesn’t require registration or login information to use it.

Subscribe to regular updates

The interface and the content of the application are frequently changed regularly. The app will always receive updates in-app and you can also visit our website to check for the most recent version of this fantastic application.

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We can watch Ipl live on Picasso App?

One of the most frequent questions we receive about the app is: Can we stream live IPL 2023 on the Picaso app? Let us inform you that the possibility to stream live IPL 2023 on Picasso is not possible since the app isn’t an app that streams live matches.

We know that the official website for watching IPL live matches in 2023 is Hotstar so how does this app stream live games to its customers? As an expert reviewer, this app can be confused with Pikashow APK which is claimed as an IPL live-streaming app. The right to broadcast IPL is reserved to Disney+ Hotstar how could any app offer the Live IPL streaming service? Our sole suggestion to viewers is to make use of the official Hotstar app to stream your most-loved IPL games (Live IPL 14) on your Android smartphone.

How to Download & install it?

We are providing the best and easiest steps to download the Picasso TV app for Android phone devices.

  • First download Pica so APK file from our website PikashowApp.
  • Then, go to the settings menu.
  • Go to the Security tab.
  • Give permission to the application by selecting the allow button on this page.
  • To do this, go to settings, security, then the security and lock screen.
  • Then, on the menu, you can enable the unknown source option.
  • After you have installed the app, you can then use the app on any Android device.
  • There is no requirement to sign up for this app. All you need to do is download it, install and start using it.


Picasso APK Download is the ideal choice for those who are seeking to stream free movies. These movies are accessible for free, and you can begin watching them any time you like. Download these movies to your device to stream them offline. Don’t worry about fees for subscriptions since the entire service is absolutely free. The users who use it have top reviews of the app. Also, you can access all of these TV shows and films at no cost.