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On the internet, most people search for a free application for entertaining content without any premium subscription, then you can land on the right page to download the Pikachu App on your Android phone device. It is an Android application that streams every kind of film or sports match live from your smartphone.

If you’re interested in watching all kinds of Hollywood, Bollywood, or other movies, you are able to do so with this Pikachu TV. Apart from this, if your goal is to stream premium web-based shows for free, you are able to watch them through the App.

If you are looking to use all the features available in this live TV app on your mobile and tablet, you need to go through this article until the very final paragraph because the article outlines the process of downloading this App, by reading it you are able to easily get it.

What is Pikachu App?

It is a no-cost Android application that allows you to watch any streaming content online. Just like you stream on other applications, you are able to stream live online content to your Android device or PC using the Pikachu app.

In this Android TV app, we get access to a variety of high-quality content at no cost. It is possible to watch and download films or web series, live sports, news, and television shows at no cost using our mobile.

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Many people search for an app like this on the Internet through which they can watch any movie, including web-based series including sports, dramas, and sports as well as live cricket, from their computer or mobile. It is the most suitable choice for those who have this kind of need as, within this Pikashow App, we get access to the best app as well as movies at no cost.

What are the Features of the Pikachu App?

Because of all the top features inside the app, thanks to all the best features found in Pikachu APK, everyone likes using this application, and we get all the features we need without cost. A majority of the features inside are premium features that we are able to use at no cost. If you’ve never used it before, you’re missing out. You might not know about its features.

This is why should you be interested in learning the features that we can expect to find from it, then read on. Then you are able to read on because we’ve provided details about the top features of this App below.

  • It is not necessary to sign up for any paid subscription to use this App, it is always free.
  • If you download this application, it will firstly you will receive tutorials on how to use it. You can learn either by reading or watching them, which will help you to easily master the basics of using it.
  • You can stream Hollywood, Bollywood, and South films through the application.
  • IPL, Cricket World Cup, and any other cricket matches can be watched on this App.
  • Within the application, it is not necessary to have to sign up for an account You can simply download the app and then use it immediately.
  • We have the chance to stream Kabaddi, Football, or any other sporting event in real time.
  • A huge selection of Web series is accessible in this Pikasho app, which you are able to watch on this app at no cost.
  • If you’d like to view live TV or the news on the internet for free, you should download the application.
Pikachu Movies

How to Download & Install It?

In the event that we download an application from a third website, we will need to manually install the app on our phone, and following that, we will be able to use it directly on our mobile. There is no way to set up the App manually, so you should follow the steps that follow in a proper manner and then install Pikachu on your mobile.

  • In order to install Pikashow, the Pikashow App, we have to go to Settings first.
  • Then, under the search box, download unknown applications and then search.
  • You must now grant permission to install unknown apps.
  • Following that, select Download the Picasso APK file that you have downloaded.
  • You can click on the installation button right on the screen and you need to tap it. And you will be able to download the App will be installed on your phone.
  • After a complete installation, you can click on the finish button.
  • It is done. Now you can enjoy it.


The intention behind this article on this site is to only provide information and we’re not the developer or the owner of the Pikachu App. Our website Pikashowapp.cc is based on an information-providing website and all the posts you read on this website are written only to provide information. I you have any type of issues related to the application then you can contact us in the comments section.