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Do you want an online fighting game with actual control? Nekki designed Shadow Fight 2 to provide a new type of Android gameplay. By using the shadow, most people feel that the game may be flawed or there is something wrong. But, the shadow image is able to gain success for the game. Being a part of the game in a direct way with 2 players, The difficulty will not be a problem for the participant. Get Shadow Fight Mod Money for each battle you fight to win for a reason that’s worth it.

If you are looking to compete in your way, you must apply your skills to control every game. Equipment plays a crucial function, and it is your choice to decide which battle to play, but you must wait patiently before you lose. Do you have the confidence to defeat the publishers’ Boss system? Download the mod of Shadow Fight 2 APK to aid you in mastering the game at any moment.

What is Shadow Fight 2 Mod?

Shadow Fight 2 is a thrilling game that falls under both the Action as well as Fighting genres available on the Android Google Play Store. Nikki has been an expert creator of Android games over the past decade. The company has created a variety of precious games. However, the excitement in Shadow Fight two is unusual. It’s a cute game that has been downloaded by a staggering 100 million Android players and millions of iOS gamers. It’s a free single-player game with a Shaolin game in which you must defeat the elite Shaolin fighters in order to take the title in tournaments.

What are the Features of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?

There are numerous games to play, so you are able to make gold coins and gems that can be used to upgrade your items and increase your skills on various difficulties. Our website will explain the Shadow Fight 2 game’s options after you’ve downloaded the game.

Main mode

Seven chapters are available that correspond to the chapter. Each chapter is called the Boss. To fight the boss, you have to eliminate five bodyguards, and then cross this frontier. It is not an easy task. Be aware that when you reach the next level, it is recommended to equip more equipment to use techniques and skills to make the system more effective. In the past, you have increased your chances to earn points for your player.

Sub mode

Use this opportunity to earn money that can be used to purchase new outfits and equipment. Be prepared to increase your strength in order to improve your excellent skills. The victory is a result of many factors.


Participants battle against 24 adversaries. In two halves and 99 seconds, winning two games will help keep you motivated. In the event of a 12th match, you’ll have to face the opponent (Challenger). If you prevail in the fight, you’ll get weapons and a power boost.


Do battle with 10 adversaries in one row. There is no need to lose even one time. At the end of each round, the character’s condition is partially rehabilitated.

Duels (arena)

A connection to the internet is needed for this game mode. Pick the weapon that you like, and if you succeed, you can earn yourself the gold, or tickets for Ascension. This mode is only available starting in chapter 2 and onwards.

Ascension (Sublimation)

In chapter 2 only, you will need three tickets, or 80 Ruby, to purchase tickets in order to play. You must accept to battle 5 players without losing the match. If the match is lost, you must be able to buy tickets so that you can fight again. The Monk costume comes with a variety of special benefits for players who have won five matches.


There’s Chapter 2, which is similar to Tournament mode, however, the game will have conditions every game.


This mode of play is played on a computer network in order to fight beasts. There are seven levels that allow you to hunt bosses in a similar level of difficulty.


When you click on the sun icon and turn it on, as the sun turns on, the level of difficulty for all game modes will rise. The players can earn Boss weapons, upgrades and upgrade their equipment if they win.


Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK will be able to amaze you with unlimited resources as well as a stunning user interface. The future of your Shaolin simply by downloading this amazing game via this link. It’s a very compressed game that runs flawlessly with a low-spec Android phone. Therefore, download this great version now and eliminate Shadow Fight’s constant battles.